Inspection, Estimation, Consultation, Code , Norms and Structure

Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Expertise with a Human Touch

Inspectnorm has earned a stellar reputation through the relationships it has established

Visual and General Building Inspection

Benefit from our vast experience and skills

Codes, Standards and Fire Safety Consulting

Get complete information and informed advice

Expertise and Hidden Defects

After an accident, get a clear picture of the condition of the building and the systems involved.


Get your own staff prepared for specific tasks in the industry. Tailored or pre-built courses

About us

A product of the vision of its founder, Motez Nached, Civil Engineer and Master of Engineering

Received a Master's degree in Construction Management from Concordia University in Montreal; also a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Egypt.

Worked for the city of Montreal since 1994 on the following : building inspections, proposals for permits, subsidy and technical agent.

Established Inspectnorm in 1990 : working as an Engineer and Consultant.

Worked as an Engineer on many construction projects, roads and infrastructure in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Canada, also oversaw the construction of high-rise buildings for residential, commercial and/or industrial use.

About us



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