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Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Areas of Experience

My experiences as engineer in Canada and oversee are :

  • Planning and schedule;
  • Project management;
  • Supervisor, Management Director and Supervisor of more than 1,200 workers in large construction projects;
  • Quality control;
  • Supervise the construction’ site;
  • In Algeria, I worked as Civil Engineer and technical support, so I had to study, design and supervise the projects, in the same time I had to train technical teams.
  • Projects’ feasibility studies;

I have acquired over the last twenty years a solid professional experience with the city of Montreal and my own business :

Technical agent:

  • Give technical advice to all the inspectors and the Permit Officers ;
  • Organiser all the training for our team ;
  • Explain and teach our team about all modifications with regard to by-laws ;
  • Establish new methods to simplify inspection procedures and the issuance of permits ;
  • Establish open communication and good customer service with citizens to solve their problems with the municipalities, with regard to the construction code or different regulations ;
  • Communicate with the professionals to find alternative solutions for technical problems according to the construction code ;
  • Find solution for the emergency situations ;
  • Prepare technical reports for Managers to respond to citizens and councillors ;
  • Research and the organisation between several departments such as: fire department, public works, government departments, police with respect to all by-laws concerning construction, security, environment, morals, etc. 

Permit Officer:

  • Study and approve permits for construction, transformation, occupation, signs, fences and terraces according to the building construction code, zoning area regulations, occupation, heritage, etc. ;
  • Meet citizens and professionals to explain the different issues for their projects.

Project Subsidy Officer:

  • Study the submission of different subsidy requests to the city  from private property owners and social organizations ;
  • Organise meetings with the owner or administrator of privately-owned buildings and the social workers and administrators of social projects (hosting house for victims of violence, drugs, serious illnesses, older and senior people, etc.) to find the financial sources to cover costs and execute their projects with the subsidy ;
  • Advise owners and social organization administrators with regard to finding professionals such as architects, engineers, designers to design their projects ;
  • Study all the professional drawings which must be in accordance with by-laws ;
  • Issue all the different permits and solve all the different issues with the municipalities, governments with regard to the environment, health, etc. ;
  • Accompany the owner to call for tenders ;
  • Choose the best offer ;
  • Study estimates ;
  • Supervise the construction site ;
  • Approve all payment procedures.

Building Inspector:

  • Inspect the construction and the conformity to by-laws and authorization permits;
  • Inspect housing problems such as mold, humidity, water leakage, noise, safety, congestion, etc;
  • Verify the application of public safety code on public buildings ;
  • Verify the application of safety and maintenance rules, and the safety and security of the housing;
  • Verification of the application of the rules concerning occupation, signs, outside-terrace, fencing, noise;
  • Advise owners of non-compliance of their buildings;
  • Prepare the notice of non-compliance and the statements of offence;
  • Prepare and respect the judicial proceedings.

The company, Inspectnorm, offers the same professional consultation to clients, but in greater detail according to :

  • Foundations, structures, exterior coatings, roof, attic, insulation, soundproofing, living spaces, doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.;
  • Heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, drainage system;
  • Outputs of emergency exits, stairwells, mechanical rooms, common party units, parking lots, parking areas;
  • Alarm and sprinkler systems, standpipe system, mechanical ventilation;
  • Wood burning fireplace, pools, SPA;
  • Advise clients about work costs, major renovations required;
  • Advise clients about short-term and long-term maintenance;
  • Advise client about building condition and recommend the type of work, improvement(s) or upgrade renovation(s);
  • Offer my experience in integrating components as they relate to Civil Engineering, urban design;
  • Application of the city of Montreal rules with regard to the building of high-rise buildings.

Administrative Knowledge:

  • Financial and material management;
  • Manage documents concerning standards of buildings and equipment;
  • Use every opportunity to facilitate teamwork;
  • Comply with all regulations, standards and collective agreements;
  • Respect confidentiality and take all necessary measures to have a good and healthy working environment for physical safety and welfare;
  • Ensure the stability and continuity of team goals;
  • Respect and work with Managers to set the direction, objectives and strategy of service.

Technical Knowledge:

  • Plan the resources and schedules in order to achieve the project goals;
  • Professional knowledge of all construction codes, including project management and  fire standards;
  • Establish strategies and measures to have a meaningful and effective discussion;
  • Find alternatives in emergency situations;
  • Propose solutions and different measures to technical teams;
  • Ensure and update any emergency planning, evacuation procedures, alarm system and fire safety system to ensure the safety of the public;
  • Ensure the conformity and quality of work with entrepreneurs and professionals;
  • Use of such software as: Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project.

Useful Measurement:

  • Inspection report and preparation of detailed fact sheets for various system elements and structures;
  • Organize procedures for the maintenance of the building and landscaping;
  • Apply Leed Canada, Novoclimat, Solar Energy, Green Roof standards and respect the environment programme as well as the handicap entrance;
  • Periodic update meetings;.
  • Periodic tTests for each operating system.

Personal Quality:

  • Team spirit and confidentiality;
  • Sharing of my experience, my knowledge and my expertise;
  • Ability to analyze emergency situations and mobilize my team;
  • Customer Service;
  • Share and defend my ideas as well as accept others’ ideas;
  • Loyalty to my clients;
  • Ability to influence others;
  • Interpersonal communication.


  • Technical knowledge, administration, human resources;
  • University courses taken;
  • Sharing of experience with other managers.

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