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A Sensible Approach – Standards Applied and Safety Ensured

Inspectnorm’s Mission: To serve its customers as a civil engineer for all building inspections and forensic expertise. To do this, we offer services including building inspection in the case of purchasing a house and forensic expertise in case of hidden defects, as well as environmental expertise and fire safety services. Finally, we offer consulting services related to building codes and standards.

As part of design, construction or renovation projects, Inspectnorm handles the implementation of the latest regulatory requirements for building safety, as established by building codes and fire safety standards. We fulfill this task by using a sensible approach to reconcile targets and schedules with the constraints of security and regulatory compliance. It goes without saying that Inspectnorm has to build strong cooperative ties with both customers and authorities, so that all parties can work together to achieve the basic objectives that lie at the heart of the mission: applying standards and compliance with safety requirements.

Achieving Goals :

Inspectnorm is committed to helping clients achieve their goals.

Accurate Information :

Inspectnorm believes that providing its customers with the most accurate information is an essential part of its services.

Attentive Listening :

Listening to and understanding the client’s need is a core component of our work that helps us to meet our commitments.

We believe that listening and understanding means that we have to adapt to changing expectations along the way, without losing sight of the fundamental mission or requirements that have to be met.

Innovative Approaches :

We do not hesitate to evaluate alternatives and create new, more practical ways of working.

Up-to-Date Knowledge :

We work in a stimulating environment that focuses on continuing education and ongoing learning of emerging technologies, so that we can provide the best service at all times.

Strict Integrity :

Listening, accuracy and integrity and: these are essential elements that make up Inspectnorm’s “expertise with a human touch”.

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